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Artists, galleries, exhibitors and event organizers can now promote their creations and events via mobile devices in an affordable, flexible and attractive manner...


Artistic Mobile Experiences

MSCorp develops unique mobile experiences, with a particular focus on the entertainment, arts and recreation industries.

From our perspective, mobile devices are the ideal platform to deliver and promote artistic expressions, engage and interact with your audiences.

Whether you want to personalize mobile devices, promote an upcoming event, movie or exhibition, or showcase an informative video, there is always a MScorp solution to fit your needs.

Besides our in-house productions, we also license and distribute content from renowned artists, developers and brands from around the world.

Our contents and apps are available via carriers' and major manufacturers app stores : Ovi, Blackberry App World, Android Marketplace and iPhone App Store.

In this new era of socially responsible businesses, MSCorp is very active in promoting causes in favor of the protection of the environment, the arts and public health issues.

An Internationally Recognized Award Winning Company

Over the years, MSCorp has shown a consistent track of achievements having gained recognition from major players in the technology and mobile industrry:

* Global Winner Nokia Code Camp Competition ( City Lite, 2008)

* Adobe Max Honorable Mention (City Lite, 2008)

* Winner Open Screen Alliance Fund (Cinepolis, 2009)

* Nokia Calling All Innovators 2009 (2nd Runner up - Smart Eggs, 2009)

Always on the cutting edge of mobile technology, MSCorp has been a pionner on delivering to consumers great experiences including video streaming, Flash Lite, Apps on Maps, among other.

We operate from headquarters in Coral Springs, Florida, with offices and representatives in several Latin American countries, including Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela and Colombia.



Mobile Apps

MScorp specializes in the creation of mobile apps for the entertainment, arts and recreation industries.

We provide a unique set of mobile development skills on different development platforms such as Flash Lite/Air, Java, HTML5, as well as native mobile operating systems for major manufacturers.

We provide a unique blend of simplicity, functionality and visual 'eye candy' to create remarkable applications.


Mobile Contents Production & Distribution

We create, adapt and distribute mobile contents for the most popular mobile devices: from simple sounds, themes and other personalization items, to full blown mobile video productions.

Our creative and production team can spice your content with interactivity and animation to produce unique mobile artistic creations. We can help you repurpose and distribute your existing content.

We distribute via carrier's and manufacturers app stores around the world, including Ovi, iTunes, Blackberry App World and Android Marketplace.


Location Based Services (LBS)

We integrate location, directions and interactive features to the mobile experience using Ovi, Google and Bing Maps.

Engage audiences and improve discoverability and access to your event or exhibition, with the arsenal of interactive and multimedia tools that we make available to you.

See for yourself the potential of maps as a mobile marketing tool on this short presentation of our award winning service: Smart Eggs


Mobile Video Streaming

We provide high quality, optimized, mobile video streaming services.

We offer an array of solutions depending on your target device: Blackberry, Nokia, iPhone/iPad or Android devices.

Our streaming solutions are currently used by carriers , such as Movilnet (Venezuela) and major media companies, such as Cinepolis (the largest cinemas network in Mexico)



MSCorp has been selected to develop the official Mobile App for the Wynwood Art Fair 2011. The app is now available for iPhone/iPad and Android devices from their respective app stores. Get all the information you need and preview all the fun awaiting for you at this extraordinary 3-day event...

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Artists, galleries, exhibitors and event organizers can now promote their creations and events via mobile devices in an affordable, flexible and attractive manner...

MSCorp is launching a family of mobile apps based on HTML5 standards that offer a new channel to deliver artistic creations to mobile devices and help promote social and environmental causes.

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Products & Services Support

At MSCorp we proud ourselves for providing mobile carrier-grade services and quality contents.

However, with so many different mobile devices, platforms and configurations it is always possible that you might encounter some incompatibilities or need to tweak configurations.

In this section we seek to provide you with tips and help to address those potential issues.

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We truly hope you enjoy your mobile experience with us!

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